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Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino has urged the match officials in Sunday’s Carabao Cup final not to feel any pressure to help Jurgen Klopp go out on a high at Liverpool.

Klopp last month announced he will leave the club at the end of the season and this weekend’s showpiece at Wembley offers a chance to sign off with at least one trophy as they continue to challenge in four competitions.

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Pochettino bemoaned several decisions in Chelsea’s 4-1 Premier League defeat at Anfield on Jan. 31, including a penalty appeal at 0-0 when Virgil van Dijk tackled Conor Gallagher but nothing was given.

Van Dijk also escaped censure for a second-half challenge in the box on Christopher Nkunku as Liverpool swept to victory in what was only their second match since Klopp stunned the football world by confirming he would step down.

Asked whether Liverpool or Klopp would feel any extra responsibility to perform given his impending departure, Pochettino told a news conference on Friday: “It is no pressure for him. Maybe it is people who want to celebrate with Liverpool that he is leaving.

“I think what we need to be sure is we are going to compete and be fair in every single decision. I think when we play against Liverpool in Liverpool, I think too many decisions that … not one key decision was for us.

“Two penalties were not given. Duels, 50-50, always for another colour. Always red. I want to be treated in a fair way. Of course, we are going to celebrate — I am the first, I am going to say Liverpool is amazing, Klopp is one of the best coaches in the world.

“But I think after my last experience playing there, I think what I want in Wembley is to go there and no one feels the pressure. To play a game at the same level and the best will win, not to feel the pressure, people around or, you know? You understand what I mean.

“It is nice. Liverpool is an amazing club. I love Klopp and the way that he is, is amazing. But of course, it is his last season here, you go to compete in the same way, both teams and to give or see the things for both clubs in the same way.”

Asked if there was a sense the wider football community wanted Liverpool to win because of Klopp, Pochettino continued: “No, no. I don’t say people want that, it is not to be part of the celebration. I would never say that, another part involved in the game, they want Liverpool to win.

“But the most important is to go and compete with the same view from different parts because we need to talk.

“They were better than us of course but the first decision after five minutes, that was a clear penalty. In the second half, that was penalty on Nkunku. After you see the VAR that interfered in many situations and it is different or maybe similar and gives a penalty, why not?

“We are Chelsea, we need to go there, we need to compete with the same tools and of course, if they are better, well done, congratulate them. But, being fair in every single decision.

“The pressure is not about delivering the job for Klopp, no. The pressure is not to be part of the … you know? I cannot talk more.”

Pochettino added that Thiago Silva “has a chance” to be fit for Sunday’s game as he battles to overcome a groin injury.

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